Dealing with trying to lose weight and living at home.

It’s usually not so bad to live at home with parents still, you don’t have to pay bills or really worry about money unless you have a family who really struggles financially. However, it is bad when you are trying to lose weight.

My parents are overweight like myself, but at least mom and I try to change ourselves.
My stepdad is a different thing, sometimes I swear he doesn’t want to lose weight. He is always trying to taunt me with food and always brings home unhealthy food.

Yeah, I struggled with weight all my life, but when I moved here to live with him because my mom remarried, I gained more weight. Any junk food you can think of, we had it at home. I know , I know, “you don’t have to eat everything in the house” I was nine. I had unlimited amount of junk food, what do you think I did? That’s when my weight loss became almost impossible.

Sadly, mom sometimes fails me too. I know losing weight is a personal thing, but it’s hard when your parents only buy unhealthy food and when they start cooking bad food.

I really sometimes wish I could buy my own food, but I know that I can’t afford it, nor can my grades afford me having a job, I tried it and I failed 2 classes, and as a straight A student, I couldn’t have it.

I hate myself, I do. Not because I hate how I look, but because I always give up as well. Not this time. I cannot, I can’t afford to.

The past few days I’ve been doing 50-150 sit ups a day. I will continue to do this and I will try to increase it.

Last night two of my friends stayed with me. They were hungry at 2 am and are Mac and cheese, eggs, pork chops and hot dogs. If you didn’t read my first blog, all my friends are skinny or just slightly “plus” sized (16).
I fought against the urges and didn’t eat anything, all I ate was a kiwi because it was just calling out to me.

This morning, I did not fight my urge to indulge, mom made pancakes and I gave in. That’s not too bad, right? I hope not.

2 thoughts on “Dealing with trying to lose weight and living at home.

  1. Hi, you are definitely not alone, welcome to the ‘club’. If you cannot control what you buy food wise and they are not on board with you then you probably will struggle which is sad as you trying so hard already. Maybe you could encourage them to make ‘healthier’ choices when food shopping, like having ‘lighter or low fat’ versions of things and asking for more fruit & veg or ask for Whole Wheat versions as they fill you up for longer, even switching to low fat milk can help. Definitely keep up with the exercise… that is one thing they cannot control. Go for walks as well, start small with something you can fit into your daily routine, like if you take a bus to school or home, get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way. Keep up the good work, you will find a way. Onwards & Upwards šŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much šŸ™‚ sadly I live somewhere were everything is a driving distance, so there is no way to walk anywhere, but im going to start making some changes like taking stairs instead of elevators and whatnot šŸ™‚

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