Eating healthier while watching tv

Usually when I’m watching tv, im always getting the munchies.

Sadly, majority of the shows I watch usually eat bad things, which usually makes me crave those bad things. Like pizza or burgers for example, I have been wanting a really juicy hamburger lately after watching Supernatural(Dean and his cheeseburgers, right? Oh and pie!) so it’s really hard to watch tv and then wanting to munch.

Usually I make popcorn or a bowl of ice cream or cookies or whatever my parents have around the house.

I’ve been trying to find more healthier alternatives, so far im eating Special K cereal without milk if I want something crunchy and tonight I had strawberries and kiwi when I wanted something sweet. Im hoping I can keep this up, I’m just scared maybe I will start eating bad things without noticing.

I didn’t do my usual 50 sit ups so far today, I think I’m going to jump on the treadmill and walk for 5 minutes and do a few sit ups and shower before bed.

Im taking this transformation one day at a time.

Wednesday I go back to the doctor, hopefully my weight is down from 300 lbs, I do feel better lately and I have seen some progress in my body. Im crossing my fingers it’s not just in my head, and hopefully I haven’t GAINED weight because that’s going to kick me back a little bit. But here is to hoping.

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