Cleansing : Day 1

Well, technically speaking it’s night 1. 

My mom decided the cabbage soup diet would be a good thing to try again, except we aren’t following it 110%. We are just eating cabbage soup for dinner and grilled meat(not on the grill, but on the stove). 

I think usually the cabbage soup diet the first day it’s just cabbage soup and vegetables, I don’t remember very well. If anyone actually wants to know about it and the days, let me know and I’ll figure it out. It’s a really good diet, we just can’t follow  it because I have classes and can’t eat in school and if I do, it would be like a granola bar or veggie chips (that’s what I had today) 

Anyways, we had cabbage soup. If you have ever had cabbage soup, you know it messes up your stomach, not in a bad way but ugh. It’s cleansing your intestines and whatnot, so it’s kinda like detoxing/cleansing. 

Boy, let me tell you, it ain’t pretty. It hurts my stomach and then I have to sit on the toilet for maybe 5 minutes and my foot falls asleep and I’m sorry if it is TMI, but man does my anus hurt. Ouch. 

But hey, it’s a good thing. Im flushing out my system. 

And happpy news! I haven’t drank anything but water and one gatorde (today) in the past few days. I’ve tried to stay away from all sodas, but sometimes the diet ones call out to me and tell me it’s okay, because they’re diet. Fun fact(and sorry to burst bubbles) but diet sodas are actually worse than regular sodas. So darn, but hey, water isn’t so bad. 

I have spring break not next week but the week after and hopefully I will stay with my friend who had a pool, so I will be doing some fun excersise.

I found out my phone counts my steps? That’s a pretty cool thing. If you have an iPhone, it’s the “health” app, I didn’t even know I had it because I just threw it in my “useless apps the phone has preprogrammed” but hey, what do you know, it isn’t useless! 

My daily average is 3,487 steps. By next week I’m aiming to make my average steps be 8,000+. Gotta be more active. I keep telling myself that, and I keep shutting myself down. Gotta stop that. The wedding is soon, nothing will happen if I don’t do anything about it. 

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