Hello again/Update

Wow, I really need to stop not posting on here. 
So, I weighed myself yesterday and I’m down to 288 🙂 yay! 
Classes end soon, I decided with my tax refund I’m going to buy a bike and go biking during the summer, as well as going jogging/walking/running. 

I’m also going to get on my mom’s ass about buying a new entertainment center so we can put up my 50 inch tv that I got for Christmas so I can start playing my dance games. THAT will probably get me started on getting more exercise. 

Yesterday I went to the Fresh Market with my mom and instead of getting the delicious, yet very bad, strawberry pillow I decided to get some olives. I was hungry,but I didn’t want to get something that wasn’t healthy. 
Today I also skipped on a sandwich or a muffin at my school and instead picked up a strawberry parfait with granola. Still not the healthiest thing in the world, but I think it’s better than a chocolate chip muffin or a sandwich loaded with meat and cheese. 

So far my antidepressants have been failing me and my anxiety is going up more than ever. I believe it’s because I’m trying to make my antidepressants be magic pills instead of actually working with them. So more exercise=better results, both physically and psychologically. 

I don’t know if anyone really follow this anymore tbh, but if you do, I apologize for being so off about not posting.
I doubt I’ll be the size I want for the wedding, but during the summer Ima give it my all. I CAN do it if I put my mind to it. No more daydreaming. 

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