Another update in my life 

So I went to the doctor and she said I’m down to 290, not 288 like the scale said :/ still better than nothing, but it makes me sad. 

Finals are next week and that means that I am about to start my 90 day exercise routine, where I will exercise everyday for at least 20 minutes to start and then go more and more. 
Hopefully I’ll get a membership at my school’s gym and I’ll be able to use the pool and swim some laps on rainy days and use weights and whatnot. I’m actually really excited and looking forward to it. I found a picture today on Ifunny and Ima share it here.  

I really like it,I might print it out and keep it near the fridge and pantry. 
And then my love life. I was with friends today, two couples. If you’re at all knowledgable with basic chemistry, you’ll get this reference….I finally found out how I feel when I am with couples. It’s like a covalent bond, there are single, double & triple bonds all around me, but I am a lone pair. I am with someone, but I am practically not with someone. 
It makes me reevaluate my relationship and I feel so bad for it. My boyfriend is a good guy, but I don’t know if I’m happy with him or if I am with him to make myself feel better by saying “yeah, I may be fat but I have a boyfriend” 

Also, we went out to this place with rocks and I fell and almost dropped my phone. I’m quite clumsy and I almost cried xD. 

Who knows. 

The doctor also is sending me another medicine to add to my depression and anxiety because I still get anxiety and depression, so yay for that? Idk. 

Well, that’s all I really have to update. 

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