Starting a new medication…

This doesn’t really have to do much with weightloss, but I need to vent. 

I’m thinking of starting it tomorrow, but today is the day I need to start taking Zoloft, and I’m kinda nervous. 

I had so many dreams last night and each of the dreams made so so so depressed. My depression and anxiety are getting really out of control and I’m already on Wellbutrin, so hopefully that’ll help to decrease it. 
I’m just so nervous about it, because I heard it increases suicidal thoughts. I just recently lost a friend to suicide, and I really don’t want to put anyone through that. 
I have two finals today, so I really need to focus, but I feel like all the dreams I had are going to make it hard because it made me feel like I had so sleep at all. 
Ugh. Anyways, that’s it for now. 

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