Our bodies know 

Today I put on a tank top that I bought while I was town that was too tight, and today it wasn’t tight but it also didn’t fit right. Anyways, I was at least happy it wasn’t too tight to where I couldn’t wear it around the house and feel confident. 

So anyways, fast forward to tonight. I was bored, nothing to do, I was about to do laundry, maybe play on my Xbox, maybe even dance to work out. I wish I hadn’t seen my phone light up, because my friend was asking to hang out. I haven’t seen her in awhile, so u picked it up and texted back saying that I would love to hang out. BAD BAD MISTAKE. 

I think that’s when I should’ve just been like “nah, it’s Thursday night so I’m sure you have to work and I should get started on my laundry”, or anything like that, but I didn’t listen to my inner voice yelling “nooooo!” Usually I would just pin that voice/feeling to the fact that I hate going out all the time, I love to just stay home and relax most of the time, but no. I have to get out of my comfort zone. 
So we started the night pretty okay, we just drove over to her boyfriend’s work and she studied while we talked. Sadly, I got so irritated with her I wanted to go home, but I didn’t. 
Then, here is where I should’ve listened to my body closer. I got hungry, but I had eaten earlier, but it had been around 2 pm, and it was now 11 pm. I should’ve said “hey, let’s go back to my place and scavenge” but no. She suggested Waffle House, and I remembered that tank top. I thought to myself “I’ve been good. I should let myself have a treat”. 

Whatever you do, please please please PLEASE do not let your cheat day be an out of the blue thing. I should’ve known better, but I didn’t think about it. It’s NEVER a good idea to let your cheat day be spontaneous. PLAN IT AHEAD OF TIME. 

Anyways, we ate, and all night I should’ve listened to my body. My stomach is hurting so bad, I am pretty sure I will be spending the night near the toilet, and it wasn’t worth it.
So, next time your body says “don’t do it…”Don’t let your mind say “what’s the worst that could happen?” 

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