So I had fallen off the bandwagon a bit ago (like a couple weeks ago)and went back up to 288, but I just checked and I’m down to 282.6!  I cannot describe how happy I am 🙂 
Other than that, my only other update thus far is that I drink a soda every often, I also found a tea that is really good and not high on sugars, so whenever I want something sweet I try to drink that instead of a soda :). 
My goals have changed also, at the beginning I wanted to go down to around maybe 180 to be able to fit into a size 18/20, but I know that’s not possible. At the moment my first goal is 240(for the wedding in November), I am going to try to get to 140 by next July, but according to a calculator on my phone (for weight) my ideal weight would be 113.3 and if I keep up the work I’ve been doing and increase on physical activity I should be able to reach that goal by November 25,2018. To me it feels like it’s forever away, but hey! I didn’t gain this weight overnight, I think 3 years to get down to a normal size is perfectly better than 20 years! Hope I can stay on top of this, I really do! You guys are slightly my motivation. I don’t like giving people my word and not fall through on it. Although I know none of you know me personally, and let’s face it, maybe you really don’t care too much if I keep my word or not, but to me, I need to keep it. So I hope I can succeed! Anyways, those are my updates for right now :). 

My next update will be at the doctors office, which my appointment is sometime in August 🙂 . My weight will be different because their scales are not like mine, but I hope regardless I’m less than what I was when I went last, otherwise Ima get in trouble with the doctor, Hahha. 

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