My birthday, my new start

So, if you follow me, you read my previous post, Afraid, and if you don’t follow me, you will still understand this, but you’ll probably want to read that first. 
Anyways, after I wrote that and watched those videos, I realize that I needed to motivate myself. I THOUGHT I had already been doing so, but in all honesty I was saying “eat less, lose weight” and kept putting the gym off for another day. “Oh I look too bad today” “oh I don’t feel good” “I’m on my period, I don’t want to work out” “omg walking up these stairs make me so tired, I will be so embarrassed at the gym” 

That my dear friends,is NOT what I needed, or what you need. So the day after I wrote that post, I went to the gym. I did 6 miles on the bicycle machine and I was extremely proud of myself. Last time I did 1 mile in one hour, this time I did 6 miles in 30 minutes. 

However, it didn’t come without consequence. The next day my muscles near my groin HURT like never before. It was hard to sit, to walk, to lay down, to get up, etc. I told myself “maybe today we can skip the gym” and I noticed my trend, I said no. 
So back to the gym I went. This time, I was on the treadmill for 30 minutes and did almost 1.29 miles. Now this isn’t a lot for many people, and it was fast walking, but this was a great feat for me. I also went ahead and headed down to the weights center and began to use those machines. 

Next day, I went back and I was so happy. I did the eliptical this time and I used the bicycle machine again, then back to the weights. 

Yesterday I didn’t have classes, so the gym is at school as I haven’t signed up for AF yet, so I used out treadmill that has been seating there for a year or two, and I was so proud, then I moved on to weights.
Which brings me to today, my 21st birthday. I thought I wanted to give myself the day off, but after awhile of sweating from cleaning I realized that really wanted was to work out. So I did the treadmill and weights for a little while.

I’m not saying I’m perfect, and I sure as hell did not eat right today(that cake was the best ever),But I’m trying. 
So get out there, get up and go. No one is watching you, it makes you feel so much better. 

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