No pain, no gain. Oh wait….guess again. 

So, I turned 21 on October 10th, I was so extremely happy and I had a small party with my friend and her boyfriend this past weekend. 

I can’t remember most of the night, but I fell. I fell a lot. So I go to the doctor today because my leg is in so much pain! We did X-rays, thankfully nothing was broken. However, she saw that my cartilage is thinning in my knee. My weight has caused acute Arthritis all over my body, and she said she wanted to be aggressive about my weight loss. 
She sent me some type of medication that curves appetite, and I’m slightly worried. I’ve been working out but I’ve gained weight, mainly because of muscle mass. You can see weight loss,but the scale can’t. As I work out, my body demands more food. I’ve been on medicines that curve appetite, I lost a lot of weight, but I also ate like once a day, and that was a very small meal. Not good, so I’m sorta scared of that. 
But, for the main reason of my title… pain no gain, unless you are in so much pain you can’t workout, so now it’s not a gain. I can’t go on the treadmill or anything high-impact for almost a month. The next week I can’t workout because of the pain. She sent me Vicodin, but it isn’t helping out much. Might have to call and see if she can give me something stronger, because man…it hurts to walk. I kinda wish I did break something, so I could at least be on crutches. So much weight on my poor leg is horrible as it is, but now with it in pain, it adds more pain and it makes the other leg hurt because of the weight it now has to carry. 
Anyways, that’s my update 😘❤️

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