Back on track, and it feels just right. 

So, as you know I just had an injured leg, it still hurts but now I’m back at the gym. You guys, I cannot express how addicted I am. I have found a way to channel my stress, anger, sadness, etc. into working out, and it is amazing! Every time I want a cigarette, I also add another set of workouts to my workout for the day. 

Today will be my day off, although I really don’t want it, but a rest day is needed to help your muscles kinda catch up and let your body heal anything that might’ve been hurt. 

However, I feel AMAZING. The scale doesn’t quite agree with me- but that’s a topic for another blog. However, I can see the changes. I can feel the changes my body is having, because I have more energy, more strength, and even my mind is a little tiny bit sharper. This is wonderful, and I cannot express how much working out has changed my life in the small amount of time I have done it. 

Do it, do it for yourself and no one else. I promise you it makes you feel so much better, even just a small tiny work out(such as a walk, lifting a small weight, going on the treadmill, etc) can change your life if you continue to do it. Don’t do it for anyone else- do it because it’ll make you feel….well alive 

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