Beginning again 

Okay, so I decided to start from scratch completely. 

After my accident, I have broken my record. My heaviest weight is 310 lbs. this are the first pictures I will post of myself, and I’m not too happy about doing it, but it will be good for me to look at as I go. 

I plan on doing an update like this at least every 3-4 months. Hopefully we see changes soon. 
So, here I am.  This doesn’t make me very happy, as I’m very very VERY self conscious, but I think that this is necessary for me. I need to be able to see the before and after. 
Right now I did it with no clothes on because my clothes would wide some of the fat rolls, so I need to be able to see that. 
I am not happy with who I am, but I will be happy of who I am going to be. 

Anyways, here I : 


2 thoughts on “Beginning again 

  1. Good for you. It’s not easy taking photos of yourself for just you to look at let alone posting them online. You are incredibly brave and strong. I wish I’d taken before shots but I hated every single photo so got rid of them all. Now I regret that as I don’t have much to compare my journey with. You will do great. All the best to you, I’m behind you all the way. You can do this.

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