A bit of a rant..

I ranted about this on a Facebook group I am part of.. 

As Facebook is a big & lovely place, I have joined a good amount of groups. One of them is a group strictly for selfies. There have been A LOT of body appreciation threads and those make me sooo happy because I see people being positive about their bodies and I know it’s a step closer to them being happier in life. 
But then I see them, they’re hard to miss, because they’re the ones who post the most and talk the most about their weight. 

It’s the ones who always talk about being “obese” and “plus sized” and they seem to be no bigger than a size 12. Like a size 12 is being generous in giving them a few sizes up, they’re at least a size 4. 
I know they could’ve just had a really hard struggle with weight or something, and so I usually don’t say anything and try not to judge, but they go and post pictures with these beautiful clothes on and say “omg I’m so fat. I’m so obese but I love being plus sized because plus sized is better” and I’m over here crying because I have to dig through a bin of XL shirts to see if they have any 3XL lefts and I can remember that a few years ago I was crying because I was having to grab that XL Tshirt. 
I hate going shopping because I am afraid to not find any clothes anymore. I’m afraid of coming to a day where all my clothes have to be bought online because they don’t sell them that big in the store. I’m lucky enough to have a bra that fits me anymore when I went from a 40C to a 44C in less than a year, and that’s the biggest my stores carry… 
Since I was LITTLE I’ve dealt with this. I can remember being NINE and going into the dressing room with my mom. I wanted to wear little girl clothes(you know, the ones with that monkey? In like the 2000’s era?) and because nothing fit I would have a fit. Not like a little girl “not fair I want this!” Fit, but a “I am such a different girl and I’m bullied and I can’t even wear clothes I like and I hate my body and I hate myself” fit. I could cry and pull at my hair and punch myself. 
But go on and talk about how you feel like “plus size is beautiful” because of the clothes you find while you’re in your crop top with a mini skirt showing off your belly. 

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